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Garden of Wellness is the baby of Max Biocare Group, an international innovator in bioscience and healthcare.

This is where we realise our deep-seated drive to create a focal point dedicated to the promotion of the health and wellbeing of the planet, people, and animals, through our uncompromising, sustainable, and ethical approach to quality and effectiveness.

Our journey begins with nature, with ingredients grown in our own Garden. We then mix in a little science & innovation along the way to reach our goal of creating innovative products that work as designed - from plant to safe and effective products, for you and your family members.

For more information on Max Biocare, visit www.maxbiocare.com.

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” - Lao Tzu.

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Our Ingredients

All ingredients are

by our garden

Garden Of Wellness’ products have been formulated using a range of science-backed, safe, and quality assured plant-based ingredients that your skin and hair will love. They include extracts from plants grown exclusively at our own Research Park gardens, as well as those procured from trusted Australian growers and suppliers.

About our ingredients


Our commitments

Garden of Wellness have taken real, meaningful steps from the beginning to ensure our sustainability framework is effective, and not just “green promises”. We strive towards a consistent approach, using best practice quality standards adopted from our diverse background in nutraceuticals, agriculture and horticulture. We also increasingly use naturally-derived ingredients sourced from our own Research Park growth areas. Put simply, we strive to put back what nature gives us, at all levels.

Our aims:
  • To align with existing & emerging sustainability frameworks to avoid duplicating existing schemes, and consistent with global sustainability principles
  • To source across trusted production systems, including our own controlled sources, to deliver the best ingredients & formulations possible
  • To ensure that our sustainability framework supports our products, with no added cost to the consumer, now and into the future
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Research Park

Research Parks

Our deep interest in scientifically-validated, natural medicines, and our love of nature has inspired us to diversify what we do, through the establishment of the Max Biocare Research Parks - where nature and science meet. The perfect place for cultivating innovation.

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Innovation & Science

Innovation & Science

Our specialist blends comprise of proprietary botanicals, selected oils and essences carefully grown and formulated with our time-proven, science-driven approach.
While our oil ranges protect and calm skin, they also allow it to breathe while also being readily absorbed, non-greasy and rich in skin-loving goodies. Natural flavonoids and vitamin E provide antioxidant protection from day-to-day exposure to air pollutants and UV, while polyunsaturated omega-class oils help the skin to retain moisture from within, preventing dryness. This contrasts with more traditional mineral synthetic oils, which don’t have the same compatibility with skin at the deeper layers, despite providing a moisture barrier.
The result of these advantages is healthier, firmer and more radiant skin, and an all-round sense of vitality, fit for any lifestyle.

About Innovation & Science

Quality & Safety

All Garden of Wellness products are tirelessly optimized from the ground up by our doctoral scientists and formulation teams, to meet our strict quality management system (QMS) criteria. This ensures the functionality and safety of individual ingredients, and peformance of the formulations they go into. 100% of products are then dermatologically verified for safety on different skin types.

Evidence-Based Formulations

Every Garden Of Wellness product is powered by nature and backed by science. Our doctoral-level scientists carefully screen every ingredient that goes into the formulation, to ensure the highest quality and the lowest risk.

Plant-Based Ingredients

Given our commitment to respecting nature and all of her gifts, our Garden Of Wellness products are created using only the highest quality plant ingredients available.


Testing is a fundamental aspect of the scientific principle, and so, to maintain our commitment to Evidence-Based Formulations, we test each and every formulation for safety & efficacy before it is sold to you.