Self-care routine to delight your senses​

Garden of Wellness’ self-care range is inspired by the ingredients in our gardens, developed and validated based on the tried and tested, pharma inspired development process adopted by Max Biocare, which ensures that only the best ingredients for your skin are selected. Our collection of naturally-derived products has been designed to enhance your self-care routine, with skin nourishing and body contouring actions, combined with comforting and therapeutic aromas.

The plant oils blended into our products, including our Premium Body Care Oil range, have a long history of use in skin and beauty care. In combination, they are intended to compliment the skin’s own oils (sebum) for different skin types, and provide a protective barrier to the skin that also allows the skin to breathe. We have also included a range of plant essential oils that not only provide benefits to the skin through enhanced cleansing, but confer a delicate perfume and freshness.

Garden of Wellness products are:

  • Inspired by plants from our own Gardens.
  • Validated by scientific research.
  • 100% Dermatologically tested.
  • Aiming for 99% naturally derived ingredients.
  • Aligning with our extensive sustainability framework.

Sustainability is at the heart of Garden of Wellness. All products are developed with low environmental footprint, and circular economy principles, from ingredient sourcing & packaging right through to distribution. We are not just inspired and passionate about what nature offers, but are acutely aware of our responsibility to maintain this for the wellness of future generations.

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100% of our products undergo dermatological testing to demonstrate their safety for sensitive skin.

As part of our commitment to safety, each and every Garden of Wellness formulation is screened by accredited dermatological testing. This is performed to validate its functionality and determine how different skin types, including more sensitive types, respond to the products. We aim to ensure that our products are not only safe by design, but safe for use. We are also transparent about our results, as illustrated on the graph below for skin irritation testing.